Model Spotlight on Farris Boyd

Monday, May 09, 2016

Working with this freckled-face beauty on a converse-inspired shoot was a pleasure. Lounging with a skate board Farris Boyd represents the ultimate cool kid.  Farris has already made a name for herself, appearing in Vogue Bambini, La Petite, and in a recent Gap ad. I'm honored to feature her in my first model spotlight.  Learn more about Farris below.

Susan Donoghue: What has been your favorite shoot, and why?

Ferris Boyd: My favorite shoot so far was for Betsey Johnson, I got to play in her "closet" at her office and they let me pick out some cool things to take home. That was a dream come true!

SD: What do you love most about modeling?

FB: My favorite part of modeling is seeing the friends that I have made on set. I also love watching the stylists put together outfits.

SD: What do you want to do when you grow up?

FB: I would like to be a fashion designer when I grow up!

SD: What is something that our readers might not know about you?

FB: I am a huge Marvel/DC fan and I have watched all the superhero movies (several times!) I also love the TV shows based comic books too--my favorites right now are Gotham and Daredevil.

Farris is represented by Wilhelmina.

Photography: Candy Kennedy
Makeup and Hair: Susan Donoghue

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