Boho Child

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Natural light outtakes from after the shoot:

Studio story featured in Babiekins:

You'll notice a change in feel from the first four images shown, to the last four.

The original story — featured in Babiekins magazine — is made up of the last four images. The concept, by stylist Jill Rothstein, and her husband/photographer Josh, was to show how one dress from Velveteen, could be transformed into three styles; hipster-chic, geek-chic, and boho-chic.  Jill accessorized each style accordingly, while makeup and hairstyles changed with each look.

At the end of the shoot, Josh photographed our model Sammy in natural light, while she played with her hula hoop.  The ethereal story captured at the end, turned out to be some of my favorites from the day. 

Photographer: Josh Rothstein
Stylist and Art director: Jill Rothstein
Model: Sammy (City Models)
Makeup: Susan Donoghue (Next Artists)
Hair: Kemke and Susan Donoghue

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