Kid Model Spotlight on Juliet

Monday, June 06, 2016

I first met Juliet on a shoot for the Lilla Grey lookbook and video.  She had just signed with LA Models Youth, and Zuri New York.   I was impressed by Juliet's graceful and flowing movement throughout the video, and wanted to interview her for my second Kids Model Spotlight.  Learn more about Juliet below.

Susan Donoghue: What was your first modeling job?

Juliet Jane: My first job was for a wholesale kids clothing line called Penny Candy Kids, when I was 7.

SD:  What has been your favorite shoot and why?

JJ: Shooting for Babiekins Magazine with Elizabeth Pettey, because we laughed the whole time!  Also shooting with Alex Kruk for her T-shirt series because she showed me her pet snake and puppy!

SD: What  jobs have you done recently?

JJ:  I recently walked for Diesel and Sen at Petite Parade. I just did my first film project, which was the pilot episode of a web series for kids.  I also tried out at a really great dance studio and made company!

SD: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

JJ: I love modeling mostly because I meet so many amazing people.  I love making new friends! I also love seeing how I look in new make up and fun clothing.  

SD:  Do you have some favorite clothing brands that you love to wear?

JJ:  Clothing from Little Trendsetter because it is so modern and fits me really well, and anything from Guess.

SD:  What advice would you give to other kids who want to model?

JJ:  Patience is very important.  You don't book every job that you audition for.  Also, there can be a lot of down time, so take books and homework with you.  If you get to travel for modeling, make sure to set up time to explore and learn things about the area you are visiting. 

Photo credit: Elizabeth Pettey
Hair and make up: Susan Donoghue (Next Artists)