From the Wall

Friday, July 15, 2016

This story, which appeared in Little One Magazine, was shot by Jose Carlier. 

The designers, Corinne and Norvella Dunwoody of Lilla Grey, wanted to showcase some new pieces from the spring collection, in an environmental setting. The shoot  was on a beautiful afternoon in May. An old cement wall acted as the backdrop. Jose and I wanted to create something with an modern and urban edge to contrast with the simplicity and feminine feel of the dresses.  

Using gold faceprint, I blocked out the models' eyebrows, and coated the tips of their eyelashes with white mascara.  I selected a very small barrel curling iron to define Sydney's curls. Mila's hair was slicked back with with a touch of messiness using natural hold gel.  

Photo credit: Jose Carlier
Styling and Creative Direction: Jose Carlier
Clothing: Lilla Grey
Models: Mila (Wilhelmina) and Sydney (Generation)
Hair and Makeup: Susan Donoghue with Next Artists

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