Fairies for Hooligans Magazine

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This story was a collaboration between myself and photographer Anna Ksenzenko.  Anna was able to put together an amazing wardrobe using designer brands, such as Tutu du Monde, Wovenplay, Airfish, and Imoga.  The most labor intensive part of creating this beauty look was building the voluminous hairstyles.  It took 3 hours of wrapping small sections of hair around hairpins, then running a flat iron over the sections to set them.  After letting them cool, each hairpin was unwrapped, and brushed out the hair for a "controlled frizzy" look.  The makeup was kept natural; glowing skin and stained lips.

Photo credit: Anna Ksenzenko
Art Direction and styling: Anna Ksenzenko
Styling Assistant: Yelena Khinkis
Models: Emmery (City Models), Hannah (New York Models), Nika (Wilhelmina Kids and Teens)
Hair and Makeup: Susan Donoghue (Next Artists)