Into the Woods

Saturday, October 15, 2016

This story, which was published in the November issue of Smallish Magazine, came together as a last-minute shoot.  The stylist had access to a collection of fall clothing and animal masks that she had wanted to use.  We went to a wooded area in Brooklyn, where Molly captured the innocence of the kids playing and exploring their surroundings.   Two of the models showed up with braided hair, which was brushed out and and misted with a sea salt spray to enhance the texture.  Since it was a hot and sunny July afternoon, the skin was prepped with sunblock and concealer where needed.  The lips and cheeks were brightened using an all-natural lip stain from Pure Cosmetics.

Photography: Molly Magnuson
Stylist: Barbara Eisen 
Models: Samantha Rubin,  Tian Grinis, and Grace Pearson  (City Models).  Ulises (Stellar Models) 
Makeup & Hair: Susan Donoghue (Next Artists)