Kid Portraits

Monday, November 19, 2018

Traditional kid head shots have always been a necessity in the kid modeling and acting world.  But now we are seeing a new trend on Instagram, where photographers offer portfolio "sessions" What sets these photos apart from standard head shots is that a creative team is involved in the process.  The photographer collaborates with hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and prop stylists. Having a full creative team on board can make the photos look more "editorial" which tends to appeal to the Instagram audience.  Although basic head shots and portraits will always be the the traditional (and less expensive) standard for castings, these portfolio sessions are a creative way to make quirky and playful images.  Here are some photos from my recent creative kid portrait sessions.  See the credits below.

Images 1-4: Photo: Molly Magnuson, Style: Michel Onofrio, Hair & Makeup: Susan Donoghue
Models from top left: Gia (@giacasmento) City Models 
Milly (@milly_rose_gmm) Generation
Harper (@susansledd)
Gabriella (@gabby_lana) New York Models Kids

Images 5-8: Photo: Eliza Logan, Style: Hooligans Clique, Hair & Makeup: Susan Donoghue
Sawyer (@sawyerdenisemanning) Take 3 Talent and Click Models Philly
Layla (@laylagallo_gmm) Generation
Sienna (@siennagrajski) New York Models Kids
Riley (@iseeriley) New York Models Kids